Spa Manager streamlines your spa/agency operations, saving you time and effort while enhancing customer experience. Packed with a range of powerful features, our plugin is designed to make spa management a breeze, allowing you to focus on providing top-notch services to your clients. Let’s take a closer look at the key features that set our Spa Manager plugin apart:

Key Features:

Efficient Roster Management: Our plugin includes a comprehensive roster management system, enabling you to effortlessly schedule and organize your team of attendants. Stay on top of staff availability and easily make changes to the schedule as needed.
Roster Management


Dynamic Schedule Display: Display your spa’s weekly schedule in a user-friendly format, making it convenient for both your staff and clients to view and plan their appointments. Our flexible scheduling options ensure optimal utilization of your spa’s resources.


Automatic Schedule On Attendant Profile: Every time you make a new schedule, it will automatically be posted on every attendants page what days they are working.

Schedule Posting


Attendant Profiles with Image Gallery: Create detailed profiles for each spa attendant, showcasing their expertise and skills. With an integrated image gallery, you can exhibit their portfolio, providing clients with a glimpse of the services they offer.


Drag & Drop Schedule Creation: The schedule and currently working schedules are created using a drag and drop system. All of the employees are listed in a left side pane and you can drag and drop them onto whatever days they are working. No more need to fumble around copying and pasting names with the links in a table!



Real-time Currently Working List: Keep your clients informed about the currently working attendants at your spa. Our real-time list ensures transparency and helps clients choose their preferred service provider.
Currently Working


Customizable Booking Forms: Tailor booking forms to suit your spa’s specific needs. Collect essential client information and service preferences to personalize each experience and provide exceptional customer care.


Seamless Image Uploads: Easily upload and manage images for your attendants’ profiles and gallery with a smooth, intuitive interface. Showcase your spa’s services and facilities with eye-catching visuals.
Image Uploads


Intuitive Back-end Interface: Our user-friendly back-end interface makes managing your spa a breeze, even for those new to WordPress. Access all the plugin features effortlessly and keep your spa operations running smoothly.
Back End


Search and Filter Functionality: Efficiently search and filter through attendants and bookings to find the information you need swiftly. Stay organized and optimize your time and resources.



Lightbox Integration: Enhance the visual experience for your website visitors with our integrated lightbox feature. Allow clients to view images in a stunning, full-screen display, adding a touch of elegance to your website.
Light Box


Customizable Shortcodes: Add the schedule, Roster or the Currently Working content anywhere on your website using our customizable shortcodes. Tailor the appearance and functionality of your spa’s content without any technical expertise.

Short Codes


Easily Create Content Pages: Any time you make a new page in the WordPress back end, you can easily tell the page what content you want it to display using the Spa Manager Page Type selection in the right side panel.

Content Type


Security: Spa Manager is secure. We understand the nature of the business. Sometimes you may need to deactivate an attendant/SP quickly. You can do so easily with one button. This will deactivate an attendant or SP across the site but not fully delete them, you can reactivate them when ready. All with one button.

Deactivate Button


Accounting:Spa Manager tracks all transactions, which can be entered quickly by the manager. It will track and tally all transactions. It will report daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half year and yearly earnings for the entire establishment but also for individual attendants / SP’s.Accounting



Our advanced Spa Manager plugin is designed to empower spa owners, agency owners and managers with the tools needed to run a successful and thriving spa business or agency business. From efficient roster management to dynamic scheduling and personalized attendant profiles, our plugin ensures an exceptional experience for both clients and staff. Take your spa to new heights with our feature-rich Spa Manager plugin and provide the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation haven for your clients. Invest in your spa’s success today!