Turn Key Spa Manager Full
$350 USD
All of the features of the Spa Manager plugin. Simply purchase the plugin, install it on your existing WordPress site and start using it. No custom work needed.

New WordPress Website With Spa Manager + Pre-made Template
Starting at $999 USD
A newly built WordPress website + Spa Manager plugin + Pre-made template (No custom work). We will set you up with a new WordPress website and the Spa Manager Plugin and a pre-made template.

New WordPress Website with Spa Manager + Custom Made Template
Starting at $1500 USD
We can make you a fully custom WordPress website with the Spa Manager Plugin and fully custom made design to suit whatever your needs are. We can also custom build more functionality across the site if you need.

Hire Us On Retainer
Prices Vary (monthly)
Hire us to fully run your website and hosting on a consistent basis. We will handle all aspects of your website and work for you. We will create all your graphics, handle all website updates do consulting. We can also handle all of your printing of physical print, signs and more, and handle all of your general multimedia needs for your establishment. *Limited spots available.

If you have any specific needs, feel free to contact us and we can discuss what you need and price points. Back end admin panel tours of the plugin are available on request.

Payment plans available

We accept USD and Cryptocurrency