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  • Spa Manager is a powerful Wordpress plugin with all the features you need to manage your spa or agency with ease.

    About The Plugin



    Spa Manager completely automates the online operations of your spa or agency. Once the plugin is installed on your Wordpress website, you can simply start running your establishment's operations with ease.

    Ease of use


    Spa Manager is intuitive and easy to use. No need to do any custom work. Just install the plugin on your spa or escort agency's website and go!

    Manage Staff


    Manage your staff easily. Store all of your employees in the roster where you can add, delete, activate and deactivate profiles quickly and easily.

    Manage Schedules


    Easily create and manage your schedules. Every time a new attendant or SP is added to your roster, they will be accessible across the spa manager plugin, They will be automatically added to a list that can be dragged and dropped onto the schedule with ease.

    Show Who Is On Shift


    Similar to the schedule, you can do the same with the currently working schedule to show who is in the spa currently at any given time.



    Spa Manager features an accounting section where you can enter treatments, sessions and work sessions. The work sessions can track all transactions of your spa or agencies and display all of the data with graphs and a button to download a copy.

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